Intellectual Property Services :

Over 27 Years of Experience!

With over 27 years of experience in all areas of intellectual property law, there is no patent, trademark or copyright problem I have not seen before. I have prepared, filed and prosecuted virtually every type of patent and trademark application. I have litigated just about every type of intellectual property dispute. I can answer any question you have relating to intellectual property law. Listed below is a comprehensive list of services I offer my clients. Just click on any of the headings below to get more detailed information about each service area. Please contact me for more info. Feel free to call or email me to set up an initial consultation.

  • Consultations - we offer initial consultations at a modest fee.

  • Patent Searches - search for patents and inventions - find out if your invention is new and patentable - avoid litigation by finding competitor's patents.

  • Patent Applications - protect your inventions and R&D investment.

  • Patent Related Legal Opinions - infringement opinions, validity opinions, patentability opinions.

  • Trademark Searches - find out if someone has already registered the trademark you intend on using - avoid costly litigation by helping you to select the strongest trademark.

  • Trademark Applications - protect your brand, protect your name, protect your logo, protect the investment you made in promoting your business.

  • Copyright Services - we can register copyright in your work and protect your copyright in the event someone takes your work or copies your work without your consent.

  • Design Patent - Industrial Design related services - we can prepare and prosecute industrial designs (Design patents) to protect the aesthetic design of your product.

  • Litigation - legal actions - lawsuits - we have experience protecting our client's rights by litigating patent, trademark and copyright related actions. We also defend those client's who have been sued for breach of some one else's intellectual property rights.

  • Licensing - we can help you negotiate, prepare, analyze and navigate the complexities of intellectual property licensing, purchases and sales.


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