Trademark Searches - Canadian, US, CIPO, USPTO, Europe


We have extensive experience in the field of trademark searching.  We can help you identify potential conflicts with any type of trademark, including logos, design marks, word marks, trade names and service marks. 

Types of Trade-mark Searches We Provide:

Clearing Trade Mark or Trade Name Search

– This is a simple trademark search which provides you with a simple yes or no answer as to whether or not a particular word based trademark has already been registered or applied for.  This is a quick search which we can often conduct during the course of a consultation.  These searches are usually limited to word searches in the United States and Canadian trademark registers. We include a free on-line trademark search with each consultation.


Detailed Trademark Search

– We perform detailed trade-mark searches when asked for by a client.  While detailed searches do take longer and are more expensive than simple clearing searches, they are a wise choice if you intend to introduce a new mark into the market.  A detailed search, being relatively comprehensive, can help you or your company avoid possible disputes by making you aware of similar marks (either registered or common law).  Detailed searches are quite comprehensive.  They include a search of registered and applied for trademarks, business names, business registrations and common law trademarks.  In the case of detailed searches in the United States, they also include a search of state trademarks.  Detailed searches can be ordered for Canada, the United States and Europe.


Logo Search

– We can also perform searches for potentially conflicting logos and design marks.  These searches can help you ensure that your design mark is as distinctive and strong as possible.


Competitive Trademark Search

– We can also provide you with a list of any trademark registrations or applications which are owned by your competition.  This type of information can assist you in formulating a trademark strategy to help you maximize the value of your own trademarks while at the same time avoid possible conflict with your competitors.

Need More Trademark Information? Want to Get Started Right Away?

If you want additional information about trademarks, go to our trademark information page or give us a call. If you have a question, feel free to call us or email us a question. When you're ready to proceed, we suggest setting up a Consultation. A free on-line trademark search is included with the consultation.