Legal Advise and Consultations for Patents, Trademarks, Copyright and Intellectual Property:

By: Elias Borges, patent & trademark lawyer.
Why waste a lot of time and energy struggling to find answers to your legal questions when a short meeting with a lawyer can answer all of your questions.  For a small fee, I would be happy to sit down with you and discuss your issues and suggest strategies for protecting your patent & trademark rights. 

Advantages of a Personal Consultation:

  • Easy to understand answers to complex legal issues.

  • I conduct a quick on-line patent and trademark search for you during the consultation (the quick search is free).

  • Avoid patent and invention promotion scams.

  • Avoid costly legal disputes.

  • Find out if your invention can be protected.

  • Learn how to do your own patent and trademark searches.

  • Find out how to decrease your patent fees and costs.

  • Find out how to select a strong trademark.

  • It is totally Confidential and protected by solicitor & client privilege.

  • You get a written quotation / estimate of the costs involved.

Call now and set up a consultation. Our office is located in the west end of Toronto (Bloor St. & Islington Ave. in Etobicoke, Toronto). To call, email or check our address, go to our Contact Page.