Copyright Protection, Registration and Litigation Services

By: Elias Borges, patent & trademark lawyer.

We have extensive experience in the field of copyright protection.  In addition to applying for copyright registration in Canada and the United States, we also provide our clients with legal advice concerning copyright infringement and copyright licensing.  We can assist you in protecting your copyright rights and help you defend against others who claim copyright infringement against you. 


Legal Protection Against Copyright Infringement in Canada and the United States:

Copyright infringement is not only actionable in law, it may, in certain circumstances, be a criminal act contrary to the criminal code.  We can help you asses if the copyright infringement which you are concerned with constitutes a breach of the criminal code.

We can advise you what steps you can take to secure your copyright rights in works created for you by an employee or independent contractor.  We can also help you secure your rights by preparing copyright licenses and copyright assignments.