Canadian and United States Patent Searches | Over 30 Years of Experience

By: Elias Borges, patent & trademark lawyer.

Our Patent Search Will Give You A Good Idea Where You Stand

We sit down with you to figure out what aspects of your invention need to be searched and which don't.


On a Tight Budget? We Keep Your Search Costs Low.

We can do searches from $500 to $1,500. We can also show you how you can do your own patent searches free of cost! In some cases, the patent search is free - see consultations.


Search Before Filing a Patent Application

If you have developed a new product or process and are interested in proceeding with a patent application, then you may wish to conduct a preliminary patent search before proceeding.  A preliminary patent search can provide you with an analysis of the “prior art” and thereby give you some idea if it is worth proceeding with a patent application.  We can provide you with a preliminary search of issued patents as well as a legal opinion as to the chances that your invention could be patented.  Our search includes a detailed description of the search conducted, copies of the prior art (i.e. prior patents) that we found during our search and a legal opinion as to the likelihood that your invention can be successfully patented.


Before Bringing a Product to Market

If your company is about to introduce a new product it might be a good idea to conduct a patent search early on.  Such a search may reveal patents which might interfere with the marketing of the new product or even expose your company to legal liability.  A patent search extending back at least 20 years (the life span of a patent) may not only reveal potential legal liabilities but it can also help your company design products which would avoid legal liability.  A patent search may also help your company decide if it is worth the effort to protect your new product line with broad patent protection.


Determining Your Competition's Patent Advantage

It is often necessary to perform a patent search in order to determine which patents and technologies your competitor’s own.  This type of information can not only help you to avoid possible legal disputes, but it can also help you decide where to channel your R&D resources by identifying gaps in your competitions patent protection.


Want to Get Started? Need more Information?

If your interested in retaining us to perform a patent search, please give us a call or send us an email to set up a consultation. A free quick on-line patent search is included with the consultation. For additional patent information, check out our detailed patent information page, or email us your question or comment.