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Protecting Inventions, Trademarks, Logos and Designs

I do searches to ensure that my clients do not infringe anyone's patents or trademarks. I protect their technology and inventions with patents in Canada, the United States and world wide. I protect their trademarks and logos with trademark registrations. I help them license their rights to others. I also help enforce our client's intellectual property rights against infringers and, when the need arises, I help defend them when they have been accused of infringing on someone else's rights.

Call now, book a Free consultation and get the following benefits:

  • Strictly confidential and protected by lawyer/client confidentiality.
  • We also sign a confidentiality agreement with you.
  • Learn if your idea can be protected.
  • Discover what steps you can take right now to protect your rights.
  • Conduct a quick patent & trademark search if necessary.
  • Get a detailed written cost estimate for filing and processing a patent application.
  • Information on marketing your product and financing your project.
  • Get advice on licensing, trademarking and structuring your business.
  • Get a standard non-disclosure agreement to use with potential investors/

Intellectual Property Services Provided:


Let's move your project forward - Call Now and here's what we will do:

  1. Give you basic information as to what your rights might be and what steps you need to take to protect your rights.

  2. Meet with you "face to face" to discuss what intellectual property issues you have, and what your concerns are. Everything we talk about is held in the strictest confidence.

  3. Review your idea to determine which are the best ways to protect as many aspects of your invention as possible.

  4. Conduct a patent and/or trademark search to determine the kinds of difficulties you might face trying to protect and enforce your rights.

  5. Give you a written action plan for how to record and register your intellectual property rights.

  6. Give you a written cost estimate as to the costs of proceeding with protecting your intellectual property rights.

  7. Give you information on strategies for finding funding and investment.

  8. Give you information on how to find other service providers such as engineering and marketing help.

If you have any questions or concerns, it's usually quicker and most efficient to just call me. I'm always happy to discuss issues confidentially over the phone or via email. Everything we discuss is strictly confidential. Chances are, I'll be able to answer most of your questions right away and, if you have additional questions, we can always schedule an initial consultation at my office.

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How to Reply to a Patent Infringement Letter:

You just started taking advantage of a new business opportunity by selling or supplying a new product or service and things are going really well, when out of nowhere you are served with a cease and desist letter from a lawyer alleging patent infringement. The letter instructs you to cease doing business now, surrender all your inventory, reveal your customer list to the lawyer and pay some large fee to the lawyer's client. Most distressingly, you have to do all of this within 10 days of the date of the letter or they will sue you. Doing the things required in the letter may result in the loss of your business, but being sued exposes you and your business to uncertainty and large legal expenses with no guarantee of success. What do you do? more


Patent Issues for Startups - 5 Easy Steps to Protect Your Startup

Crowdfunding of new technology products attract a lot of attention these days, so you'll want to ensure that your campaign isn't sideswiped by accusations of patent infringement. Google and the US patent office each provide excellent patent searching tools which are freely accessible to anyone. Comprehensive patent searching needs to be conducted before launching a Kickstarter or Crowdfunding campaign for a new technology more


How to Protect Your Invention - Dealing With Employees and Contractors

Your new product idea has potential. You have a preliminary design which solves a problem and has real market potential. However, before you can engage a manufacturer, launch your website and fire up the marketing department, you need to hire engineers and/or software developers, get drawings done, get code written, get artwork done, conduct tests and otherwise bring the project from idea to finished product. If you can't do all this yourself, you will either have to pass off parts of the project to one or more employees (if you have them) or hire independent consultants and contractors to get the job done. Unbeknownst to a lot of people, getting employees, consultants and contractors to do the job has its risks, some of which can be fatal to the success of a more


Patent and Trademark Information on this Web site :

This web site has a wealth of free information on all aspects of intellectual property law, including articles and videos on topics such as:

Please take the time to check out the articles and videos on this web site. Here is some quick information which you can use to better tailor your search for answers.

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We are always happy to talk with you about your intellectual property rights and how we can help protect them. Please give me a call or send us an email at:

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Borges Law - 3280 Bloor Street West, Suite 1040, Toronto - Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada M8X 2X3- see our Contact Us page for maps and more.

Quick Information on Patents, Trademarks, Copyright and other forms of Intellectual Property

  • Patents: Patents are a type of intellectual property that protects inventions.  A patent is essentially a grant from the government that gives the patent owner the exclusive right to make, use or sell the patented invention for a period of twenty years from the date the patent was applied for.  Patents apply to inventions such as a new device, a new method or a new material.  Go to our patent information page for more detailed information about patents.

  • Trademarks: Trademarks include trade-names, logos, and slogans which identify a company's goods and services and which distinguishes that company from its competitors.  A trademark can be a name or word(s), a graphical image (called a logo or design mark), a sound, a series of musical notes or even a particular three dimensional appearance.  A registered trademark is a trademark that has been registered with the government.  A registered trademark protects the owner of the mark from competitors who might use a confusingly similar mark.  Go to our trademark information page for more detailed information about trademarks.

  • Copyright: Copyright is quite literally, the right to make copies of a work.  A copyrightable work is any literary or artistic work and includes books, web site articles, photographs, sound recordings, music, software, screen plays, sculptures, written forms and movies.  Copyright is usually owned by the author of the work and copyright subsists for the life of the author plus fifty years.  Go to our Copyright information page for more detailed information about copyright.

  • Industrial Designs: An industrial design (also called a design patent) is a type of intellectual property which protects the aesthetic appearance of an object.  Usually, an industrial design is the decorative three dimensional design of a useful article such as a chair, a flower pot or a lamp.  New and unique designs can be registered to give the owner of the registered design the exclusive right to copy the design.  An industrial design only protects the decorative look of the design: it does not protect any utilitarian features of the design.  Go to our Design information page for more detailed information on industrial designs.

  • Litigation: Litigation is the art (science) of bringing, prosecuting or defending against a legal action (law suit).  Litigation is a complex area of law which is best handled by an experienced litigation lawyer.  Intellectual Property Litigation is a specialized form of litigation which deals with the unique set of laws relating to intellectual property.  Go to our Litigation information page for more detailed information about intellectual property litigation.

  • Intellectual Property: Intellectual Property is a general term referring to a variety of non-tangible, but often very valuable, property.  Intellectual property includes patents, trademarks, copyright, industrial designs, trade secrets, plant breeders' rights, and integrated circuit topographies.  Intellectual property rights often overlap and a single product can be "covered" by several types of intellectual property protection.  For example, a new product may be protected by a patent, its name could be protected by a trademark and the software that makes it work can be protected by copyright.

  • Invention: An invention is defined as a new and unobvious device, process, method or "composition of matter" (i.e. material) which does something useful.  An invention may also be a new and unobvious improvement to an existing device, process, method or composition of matter.  Common examples of inventions include: a new or improved machine, industrial process, chemical or plastic.  To be new the invention must not have been publicly disclosed either by the inventor or by someone else.  To be unobvious, the invention must contain at least a spark of creative effort.  Go to our Patent information page to learn more about inventions and how they are protected.

  • Logo: A logo is a type of trademark (called a design mark) which incorporates a graphical or visual element.  Oftentimes, the logo consists of a word which is written in a stylized way using a unique or graphically appealing font.  A logo can be protected as a registered trademark (design mark) by filing and prosecuting an appropriate trademark application.  Go to our Trade-mark information page to learn more about the process of registering a trademark.

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