Canadian Intellectual Property Lawyer Elias Borges B.Sc, LL.B.:

By: Elias Borges, patent & trademark lawyer.

I am a Canadian intellectual property lawyer who provides expert and effective legal services to clients of all sizes and in a variety of industries. With the help of the associate intellectual property lawyers in my office, we provide diverse experience in every area of intellectual property, including:



  • Mechanical and Industrial devices, machines, methods and processes
  • Software, internet and web enabled technologies
  • Plastics, chemistry, metallurgy and materials science
  • Biotechnology

Trade Marks

  • Names, slogans and word marks
  • Logos, designs and distinguishing guises


  • Cease and Desist Letters
  • Legal Actions
  • Legal Opinions, advice and strategies for avoiding legal disputes


  • Patent and Trademark Licensing
  • Patent Assignments
  • Technology transfer agreements

My focus is on providing high quality service to our clients in a professional and effective manner. Clients come to me to ensure that their inventions are protected, their trademarks secured and their best interests looked after. I provide my clients with the highest levels of personal service in a cost effective and timely manner.

I represent a wide range of clients, from large Canadian corporations to small start-up operations and individual inventors. My client's include computer hardware and software producers, engineering and manufacturing firms, researchers, retailers, clothing companies, research institutions, biotech companies, importers and distributors.

Based in Toronto (Etobicoke), I have a worldwide network of associates to help our clients develop and secure their intellectual property assets through international filings.

While the legal field by its very nature tends to be conservative, technology is in constant flux and expansion. I pride myself in being on the cutting edge of not only the law but also technology. By fusing my expert legal knowledge with my technical savvy and the experience of my associate lawyer, I can provide my clients with a rare and valuable advantage - a team of lawyers that understand their business and have the legal know how to protect it.

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