Videos on Patents and Trademarks:

Below are a series of videos on a variety of topics relating to intellectual property. Please take the time to view a few of these videos.

We add videos to this page from time to time, so check back often. If you can't find a video on a topic you would like, then please send us a request using our contact form, or give us a call.




Patent Videos:

A video explaining what patents are and how patents are granted - everything you need to know about patents - 9 minutes long.



Working with us on getting a patent - A video explaining how we work with you to prepare, file and process your patent application. 4 minutes long



Peer to Patent - Video by the US patent office on a new pilot project for patent examination - 2 minutes long



Video on the European Patent office - 3:21 minutes long


Trademark Videos:

Comming Soon


Videos on Working With Us:

Working with Us on Patents


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