US Patent Lawyer and Agent in Toronto. Registered with both the United States and Canadian patent offices.

Who am I?

  • I'm a registered US patent agent located in Toronto, Ontario.
  • I'm registered with both the United States and Canadian Patent and Trademark Offices.
  • I've filed countless patents with the USPTO and Canadian patent offices.
  • I represent Canadians before the US patent and trademark office (USPTO).
  • I fight to get you a patent in the United States, Canada and world wide.
  • I'm also a lawyer called to the Ontario bar.
  • I have a background in science and technology.
  • I've been practising Patent law for over 25 years.

I can get you a US patent

What I do:

  • I analyse your invention to see if it can be patented or protected in some other way.
  • I explain the whole process to you in plain and simple language.
  • I prepare a patent application for you at a reasonable price.
  • I file and process that patent application in the USA, Canada and/or world wide.
  • I'll fight to get you the best patent protection possible at the lowest cost possible.
  • I help you use that patent to enforce your rights and defend your business.

Why Use Me?

  • I have been doing this for 25 years - If it's possible to get a patent for your invention, then I can do it.

  • I have a science and technology background - chances are I'll understand your invention right away without too much explaining on your part.

  • I know virtually every trick in the trade to keep your investment low and maximize the value of your intellectual property rights.

What Should You Do Now? Call 416-621-0100 and Talk to Us.

  • Call Now and get answers to questions like:

    • Can you get a patent or protect your invention / technology / idea?
    • What is involved and how long will it take?
    • How much will it cost and how can you minimize the costs?

  • Book a consultation and get:
    • A confidential analysis and review of your invention.
    • A detailed quotation on the costs.
    • An action plan for moving your project forward.
    • A quick on line patent search of your invention.

Read What Our Clients are Saying About Us:

"I met with Mr. Borges to get his legal opinion on my invention.  He met with me in confidence and he explained the ins and outs of getting a patent for my invention.  He then gave me a quotation as to the expected cost of filing a patent application and prosecuting it through the patent office.  He answered all of my questions, kept me up to date and filed the patent application on time and on budget.  When the patent office raised issues relating to the patent application, Mr. Borges explained the situation to me clearly and undertook amendments that overcame the patent office’s objections.  The issues raised by the patent office were complex and difficult; however, Mr. Borges personally dealt with the officials at the patent office to convince them to grant the patent.  The patent was granted on time and on budget.  I now have the patent protection I need to commercialize my product."

Mr. A. Nistor, Toronto


"Mr. Borges got me the patent I needed to protect my invention at the price I could afford. He was responsive, answered all of my questions and made me feel confident that my patent application was in good hands. He got my patent approved for the price he estimated and within the time period he quoted. I am very happy with his services."

Mr. D. Knyazev, Widsor Ontario


“We have counted on Mr. Borges to protect our company's patent rights for nearly a decade. He is always responsive to our needs and has helped us secure several Canadian and US patent registrations at a reasonable cost. He has helped our company secure its intellectual property assets. We are very pleased with his services.”

Mr. N. Wills, Toronto

"I've been using Mr. Borges to protect my company's trademarks for several years now. He has been prompt, friendly, and always delivers the services I need at a reasonable and competitive price."

Mr. N Mahant, Mississauga Ontario


“Elias Borges got our company a US patent for one of our key inventions. He quickly understood the nature of our invention without a lot of explaining on our part. His prices were reasonable and we are pleased with his services.”

Mr. P. Rezania, Markham Ontario

Need More Information?

USPTO - What's that?

This stands for the United States Patent and Trademark Office. It's where patent applications are filed and processed.

US Patent Office - What's that?

This is the government agency that grants inventors an exclusive 20 year right to make, use and sell the invention (i.e. a patent).

US Patent Agent - What's that?

A US patent Agent is a technically trained person with a scientific and technical background who is knowledgeable about patent laws and proceedures in the United States and who has been registered with the US Patent office - USPTO - to file, process and prosecute patent applications in the United States Patent Office.

US Patent Attorney - What's that?

A US Patent Attorney is simply a lawyer who knows and understands United States Patent law. The terms lawyer, attorney and solicitor are often used interchangably. Attorney is the preferred terminology in the United States, while lawyer or solicitor are the preferred terms in Canada - but they all mean essentially the same thing.


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